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suprema touch controller

SUPREMAtouch® Controller

The SUPREMAtouch Controller offers modular design to meet many application rrequirements and complies with all relevant global safety standards, including redundant systems with up to SIL 3 rating (IEC 61508). This custom product features large color touchscreen display, enhanced processing capabilities and optional integration of addressable fire and smoke detectors. Unit is compatible with many detectors, including combustible and toxic gas, oxygen, smoke, fire, and heat. Output options include relay, and analog and digital communication between racks, allowing interfacing to external systems using Modbus or Profibus.

  • Compact modular design requires fewer cabinets, saving space.
  • Decentralized configuration through use of satellites minimizes wiring.
  • Digital bus technology provides reliable communication to external bus systems.
  • Connections for 3 system power supplies enable automatic switchover to backup supply.