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model 10k integrated fire and gas system

MODEL 10 Integrated Fire and Gas System

The MODEL 10K Integrated Fire and Gas System is an NFPA 72-approved fire and gas controller. This system represents the next generation in highly intelligent monitoring solutions designed to reduce hazard vulnerability and meet the world's most demanding safety standards.

The MODEL 10K System is an innovative, modular system that is highly scalable and delivers these features and benefits:

  • FM-approved:
    • To NFPA 72 compliance as a system.
    • For proprietary central station monitoring.
    • As both fire alarm panel and gas controller.
    • For fault-tolerant digital communications.
    • To release control panel.
  • Remote I/O capability.
  • Optional fiber optic communications.
  • Color touch screen operator interface.
  • Data and event logging.
  • Supports 3rd-party device integration.
  • Gas calibration histories (combustible and H2S gas).
  • Simple, reliable and cost-effective field wiring topology.
  • Addressable detection loop for buildings.

The MSA MODEL 10K Fire and Gas System is ideal for use in compressor stations, drilling and production platforms, refineries, pipelines, LNG/LPG facilities, storage facilities, chemical plants, electric power plants, and wastewater treatment plants.