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fireray 50r and 100r

Fireray 50R/100R

Reflective Infra-red Optical
Beam Smoke Detector


The Fireray 50R/100R optical beam smoke detector series provides economical and effective protection of large open spaces. It comprises of a single unit incorporating an infra-red (IR) transmitter and receiver, with a reflective prism. The system can be connected to a zone of a conventional fire alarm control panel, or interfaced to an analogue addressable system via an interface module. The Fireray 50R/100R offers three selectable 'Alarm Thresholds' settings of 25%, 35% and 50%, which can be chosen to suit the environment.

The Fireray 50R/100R optical beam smoke detector can monitor long-term degradation of beam signal strength caused by the build-up of dirt on its optical surfaces; this operates by regularly comparing the received infrared signal against a reference voltage.

  • Single compact housing
  • Working optical path for detector alignment
  • Two models available, a 50 m and 100 m version
  • 12-24 Vdc Operation
  • Low current consumption
  • Robust construction
  • Approved to EN54:12 and UL268