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fireray 5000

Fireray 5000

Motorised Auto-Aligning Reflective Infra-red
Optical Beam Smoke Detector

The Fireray 5000 is one of the most advanced fire detection products in the world, combining a transmitter/receiver in the same detector head with an automatic alignment motor. This combination allows for quick, simple installation and requires wiring and power at only one side (the opposite side is covered by a reflector).

The Fireray 5000 beam automatically compensates for environmental effects on the beam signal, keeping the unit in the best possible working order. This is achieved through the combination of software (automatic gain control) and motorised realignment of the beam.

Other installation aids include the detector and controller First-Fix systems, as well as a visible laser to aid the user in alignment which allows the reflective prism to be positioned quickly and with confidence. This device can be installed by a single engineer, thus offering further saving on installation and commissioning costs.

The system is fully customisable with both the alarm thresholds (sensitivity) and delay to Alarm/Fault being controlled from the ground level System Controller. The low level controller incorporates a LCD display, which offers a full icon-based, easy-to-use interface unit

  • Allows for 2 Detectors per System Controller
  • Each Detector configurable from 8m to 100m
  • Separate Fire and Fault relays per Detector
  • Integral LASER alignment
  • Auto-Align Fast Automatic Beam Alignment
  • Building Movement and Contamination Compensation
  • Low Level System Controller
  • Logs the 50 most recent events per detector
  • Programmable Sensitivity and Fire Thresholds
  • 20mm Cable Gland Knockouts on System Controller
  • 2-wire interface from System Controller to Detector
  • Working optical path for detector alignment