As a systems integrator, General Monitors offers single-point responsibility for total safety monitoring system project management. From single-point gas or flame detection to large multi-point PLC or DCS systems, you can count on General Monitors for safe, reliable, cost-effective plant protection. In support of applications worldwide, the Zero Two Series Monitoring System features universal approvals: CSA, FM, ULC, ATEX and/or CE Marking.


hazardwatch fire and gas system
  • Integrated fire and gas detection system FM certified to NFPA 72.
  • User-friendly touch screen HMI display is menu-driven and supports custom plot plan graphics.
  • FM certified for extinguishing/releasing with addressable loop interface for buildings fire protection.
  • Uses Allen-Bradley ControlLogix™ as its logic solver.
  • FM approved networking and Properietary Central Station HMI.

HazardWatch II

hazardwatch fire and gas system 2
  • Integrated fire and
  • gas detection system FM certified to NFPA 72 and IEC 61508 up to SIL 2.
  • Enhanced user-friendly touch screen HMI for local display including support for custom plot plan graphics.
  • FM certified to IEC 61508 as a complete system.
  • Single or dual processor Allen-Bradley ControlLogix™ logic solver configuration.

Zero-Two Series System

zero two series system
  • Monitors any combination of Combustible Gases, H2S, Flame, Toxic Gases, and O2 Deficiency.
  • Open architecture allows system to accommodate other sensing devices for smoke detection, heat detection and manual call points.
  • Each Module connects to a remote sensor or detector and continuously displays each location’s status.
  • Modular system can be easily reconfigured or expanded as requirements change

MC600 Multi-Channel Controller

mc600 multi channel controller
  • Provides up to six channels of continuous gas monitoring.
  • Compatible with General Monitors’ hydrocarbon sensors, H2S sensors, Models S4000CH, S4100C, S4000TH, S4100T, IR400, IR4000M, IR5500, IR700, TS4000H, Gassonic Observer-H, and Gassonic Surveyor gas detectors.
  • Modular plug-in signal cards provide system scalability.
  • Dual redundant Modbus communication provides complete status and control capability.