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Extinguishing System

Extinguishing control panel with display

The RP1r-Supra control panel has been designed to efficiently manage the automatic release sequence of any extinguishing system of gas, CO2 (according EN12094:1/2003 requirements), foam, dust, aerosol or sprinklers,

The RP1r-Supra compact control panel includes: a switched 65W power supply with battery charge; three inpu7t zones to connect directly to two-wire conventionally protected output circuits and two sounder outputs with different frequencies to identify each of the extinguishing stages (preactivated mode, activated mode, hold/abort and release). The front panel includes system status leds, a 2-digit countdown timer, a GAS sign and a keyswitch for Access level 2.

There are input circuits for low and flow pressure monitoring, open door control; holdk and release cancelled, manual mode, automatic mode).

RP1r-Supra also includes two RS232 interfaces, an USB interface and an l2C which allow a visualization of the history log of connection of a relay card.


rp1r supra


  • Compact extinguishing panel controlled by 32 bits microprocessor from the last generation
  • Easy configuration zones for detectors and a third one configurable for detectors or call points.
  • Manual abort switch and hold manual call point.
  • Sounder delay configurable from 30 - 300 sec. and verification time from 1 - 10 min
  • Delays disable from keyboard (optional).
  • Input circuit for flow and low pressure and open door monitoring.
  • Two release circuits. The second one can be used independently for preactivation.
  • Countdow timer display which indicates the seconds left for release.
  • 40 leds to quickly identify events.
  • Relays for  General fault, Extinguishing release activated, Preactivation, Extinguishing release in progress, Extinguishing release cancelled, Manual mode, Automatic mode
  • Operating mode: Automatic, Manual and Disabled
  • Digital input for remote actions configurable as: system reset, evacuation, silence or delay on/off.
  • Plug-in terminals for all connections.
  • Designed to comply with EN54-2/4 and EN12094/1:2003
  • CE marking
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